Friday, May 29, 2009

Warts Removers That Work

The demand for warts removers has steadily increased as more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of having their warts removed. So how would you know if you have warts? What caused them? Are there different types of warts? Why should they be removed? Will it hurt to have them removed? Are they contagious? These are just some of the questions which I will address in this article.

The warts virus, commonly referred to as HPV or Human Papilloma Virus, is a virus which is microscopic in nature and extremely contagious. They can be transmitted from one person to another, and can travel from one part of the body to another. So warts should be treated as soon as possible!

There are many types of warts.
  • Hand warts grow around the nails, on the fingers, and on the backs of hands. They appear most often where the skin is broken.
  • Foot warts, or plantar warts, grow on the ball of the foot, the heel, and the bottom of the toes. They appear in areas which are subject to weight, pressure and irritation which have a tendency to crack the skin and provide an entry point for the virus. The virus can be picked up in locker rooms, swimming pools, or by walking barefooted on dirty surfaces.
  • Flat warts tend to grow in large numbers and can appear anywhere on the body. Most will appear on the legs and face.
  • Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted disease and very contagious.
So how do you remove warts? If you want your warts to permanently go away, you have to kill them at the root. It's very much like trimming a tree. When you trim a tree and cut off some of its branches, they will grow back, right? But when you pull out the whole tree, from the root, it dies! The same is true for warts.

The easiest method to remove warts is through the use of over the counter drugs. It's also convenient since you can do them at home. These products are usually in the form of lotions, ointments, or plasters. They contain salicylic acid which has the potential to kill the warts virus. However, although some drugs are very powerful, they have a high rate of having warts return. The chemicals they contain are quite strong and affects both healthy and infected skin. Most of them fail in killing warts for the very reason that they just don't get to the root! People with diabetes or heart condition should not use over the counter drugs.

Medical treatment is also an option. Some doctors use acid to burn off warts. Some go the opposite route of freezing warts using cryotherapy. With regards to the acid treatment, doctors apply a mild acid to the wart. When applied correctly, the viral cells are destroyed and replaced by normal healthy skin. At times, multiple applications are necessary to kill the virus. As for cryotherapy, doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart to the point where it falls off after a few days. A blister may form after the procedure but it will dry up over the next few days and the wart will fall off. Healing from cryotherapy can take up from one to two weeks.

Electocautery is another method to remove warts. With this method, an electric needle is used to burn the wart. This kills the tissue around the wart and causes the skin to peel off, taking the wart with it. Chris & Chat Spa and Facial Care uses electrocautery to remove warts. Topical anesthesia is applied to each wart so you wouldn't feel any pain. The wart falls off within 5 days.

There are also natural wart removers. Chris Gibson has published an eBook which provides specific instructions on how to remove warts with common household ingredients. This eBook is informative and easy to understand. The methods Chris recommends are simple, effective, and easy to follow. Results can be seen in as little as 3 days. His eBook comes with a money back guarantee. In case his guideline on removing warts did not work out for you, you can have your money refunded. Click here to learn more about this natural wart remover.

Heal Warts, produced by Healing Natural Oils, is yet another remedy. It's 100% natural, produced from the highest quality pure natural essential oils extracted from plants. The formula is organic at the source, free from pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. The formula is extremely concentrated, ensuring that you do not run through a bottle in just one use. This comes with a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee. Click here to learn more about Heal Warts.

I think the most cost effective way to remove warts, by far, is through the use of Apple Cider Vinegar. Just pour some drops of the vinegar on to a small cotton ball, enough to cover the wart, until it is saturated. Place it over the wart and cover it with a band aid. Results can be seen in 10 days. Your skin will have an annoying smell though.

With all these options, I bet you're wondering what's the best way to remove warts?!? Well, it really up on you and the person handling the treatment. As long as the roots of the warts are removed, that's what matters. They will just vary on the treatment cost, treatment duration, discomfort, possible scarring, and healing duration.

Bottomline, you need to get your warts removed. It's not something you're supposed to have! Some warts removers do work! You just need to choose wisely!


  1. If I have a tendency to develop keloids, will I have them after a warts treatment?

  2. Yes, there is a high risk that you will develop keloids after an electrocautery warts treatment. I will write an article on the warts remover options for individuals with a high tendency to develop keloids. Do watch out for that.

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  5. Wart problems can be solved through the administration of different treatments. One of them is cryosurgery or the act of freezing warts. This kind of treatment is able to get rid of warts without causing pain to the skin. The first step involves preparing your wart for the treatment. It should be your job to apply first-aid solutions at home. When your wart is ready to be treated, your doctor will proceed to perform cryosurgery. Several warts freezing might be required to get rid of warts completely.

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